Having a wide range of services. Close Comfort can provide the service you need for plumbing, heating, and cooling. Along with cleanings, repairs, and maintenance to any of your plumbing, heating, and cooling issues. 

"Give them quality, That's the BEST kind of advertising"

~Milton Hershey


Christopher S. testimony 7/23/2019

Carlos is Awesome. You rarely see this level of professionalism anymore. When was the last time a repairman referred to you as Sir? He did a great job troubleshooting and repairing my AC condenser motor. The price was more than fair for the time he spent here. I'm one of those chatty homeowners and he was polite and respectful the whole time. I will definitely be using his business again.




Nicholas H.   Testimony 7/09/2019

My a/c was not working at all. The fan was running but there was no cold air. I gave these guys a call and I had an appointment with them to come look at it the next day. These guys are amazing. They are very tenacious and will make sure the job is done right. They even went out of their way to make sure they could keep the price down for me. I highly recommend them and I am sure I will be using their services in the future.

Jeremy  B. Testimony  10/4/2019

Carlos came promptly and fixed my backed up kitchen drain in less than 30 minutes. His rate was very reasonable compared to other area plumbers and he did the job very well. Very respectful and professional. The best plumbing experience I've had and I didn't feel taken advantage of at the end like I have with other plumbers. Five stars!

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